Kumabachi™ is non-treated Bigeye tuna that has been frozen at an Ultra Low Temperature (ULT). We start with Japan SA grade tuna that is landed live. It is then gilled, gutted and placed into the super-freezer on the vessel within one hour of being caught.

The Science Behind ULT Tuna

The tuna is frozen to a core temperature of -76°F (-60°C). At this temperature (the tuna’s Eutectic Point), all cellular activity stops…halting any natural decomposition of the fish, and essentially stopping time. When the tuna is thawed, it returns to the properties of the exact moment it was frozen, bringing you an all natural tuna that tastes like it was just caught. Super freezing kills harmful parasites that is commonly present in fresh fish.

The Benefits of Kumabachi

Kumabachi tuna brings together the highly technical process of super freezing the tuna with the logistics of delivery and thawing. Each tuna is graded by experts to be of the highest quality. The Ultra Low Temperature is maintained from catch through processing, delivery and storage. Our proprietary thawing process naturally reactivates cellular activity – resulting in fish that behaves like it was just caught. The skin and bloodline have already been removed giving customers 100% yield (no waste).
Kumabachi is available year round, unlike fresh fish.